Time to reconnect: Zafar and Lily-Anne

Hawaii couple

Zafar has always been a confident man. He was certain the first time he saw Lily-Anne that she would agree to go on a date with him. Then, after a night of dinner and disco dancing, he was positive that she would one day be his wife. He was right again.

Zafar first spotted Lily-Anne from the inside of a glass elevator on Ottawa’s Sparks Street. He saw her below, sitting on a bench with two other women. She was so beautiful that Zafar decided he had to introduce himself. He got off the elevator, strolled over to the three women, and handed Lily-Anne a business card and told her to call him.

A month later, Lily-Anne finally called him back. After their first date, the couple was inseparable and a little more than a year later, they were married.

On their honeymoon in Hawaii, Zafar and Lily-Anne slow-danced to a crooning Don Ho, explored the Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden, visited Pearl Harbor, and drove along the winding road from Kona to Hilo, visiting historic villages, tasting local foods, and taking in the lush landscape along the way.

For their 35th anniversary, the couple planned to return to the island for the first time since their honeymoon in 1979, and Zafar was confident it would be even better than their first trip.

Not surprisingly, he was right. Although there were some differences—men’s short shorts are no longer on-trend and Don Ho has passed away—the two-hour drive from Kona to Hilo was even more magical than Zafar and Lily-Anne remembered.

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