Time to reconnect: Eric and Victor

Eric and Victor

Eric and Victor are self-proclaimed muskie men. Wherever there’s muskie, you’ll find the two brothers. And it was their love for chasing muskie—or as they like to call them, “the fish of ten thousand casts”—that brought them to Crane Lake in Parry Sound, Ontario. Eric and Victor heard the elusive fish could be found in the area, and since they were both looking to purchase a cottage, the two trekked to Crane Lake to find out first-hand if the rumours were true. To their delight, the lake was full of muskie and just a few months later, Eric and Victor owned cottages within walking distance of each other.

But the brothers’ love for fishing goes back much further than their first trip to Crane Lake. The two spent their childhood at their family cottage in North Manitoulin, which is where their father first taught them how to fish in the 1950s. It wasn’t long before the brothers were casting off the dock at the crack of dawn, or out in the rowboat, waiting for the bobber to go under. Only when their father called them inside for Finnish pancakes (a tradition that’s now been passed on to the next generation), did the brothers return to the cottage.

Today, Eric and Victor organize an annual weeklong fishing trip, and spend another six months of the year in Florida, where they continue to fish side by side. Even their children are hooked on fishing. As the brothers like to say, fishing is simply in their blood.