This photographer drove across the country for Canada 150, and the resulting images are stunning

There’s no such thing as an official photographer of Canada, but if there were, Zach Baranowski would be a strong contender. The 21-year-old self-taught photographer just spent a month driving across the country taking photos of the landscapes that can be found in our national and provincial parks, and the results are not just beautiful, but incredibly diverse.

Baranowski took off on his road trip with the goal of capture 150 photos for Posterjack’s Canada 150 Photos project. Posterjack, a photo printing company, selected Baranowski with the hope that he could capture the incredible range that Canada’s natural spaces have to offer. And judging by the results, we’d say it was a success.

Baranowski’s photos reveal that Canada is a country of incredible range. There are the boreal forests and lakes that we all know and love, but there are also scenes that many Canadians are less familiar with: rust-coloured badlands, towering rock formations, golden grasslands, and seaside villages. Through Baranowski’s lens, we see that there’s more to our homeland than most of us realize.

“[This tour is] really expanding my view on Canada,” Baranowski  told Global News. “It’s beautiful and diverse. There’s a lot more to explore than I really expected and I’m really excited to see more of it.”

Seeing so much of the country in a single month meant long days and lots of driving. Baranowski drove approximately seven hours a day, with daily stops for hikes and photo ops. At night, he pitched a tent and camped. But in exchange for his gruelling schedule, he got a once-in-a-lifetime experience—a chance to get to know Canada more intimately. Baranowski told Global News that the trip really shifted his perspective on Canada. He learned that Alberta has diverse beauty, that Saskatchewan is much more than “the flat province,” and that BC’s lush greenery is unmatched.

Through this trip, Baranowski went from someone who didn’t fully appreciate the Canada to a bit of a Canada evangelist. As he put it to Global News, “Instead of booking your spring break or trips elsewhere, I think people should really get to know their own country first.”

To see more or Baranowski’s photography, check out his Instagram. To see more of his photos of the Canada 150 Photos project, go to Posterjack’s Instagram.