This dog shelter gives pups the ultimate gift: their own cottages

Time spent at the cottage can be incredibly calming and healing—and not just for humans. The Luvable Dog Rescue in Eugene, Oregon, knows how valuable the experience of spending time in a calming cottage can be, and that’s why they’ve designed their shelter as a mini vacation home for dogs.

Instead of rows of cages, Luvable is a series of small, painted cottages set up for maximum comfort. The cottage spaces contain couches, blankets, toys, and TVs. The people at Luvable have put a lot of effort into making sure the dogs feel like they’re staying at summer camp, and not in a kennel, and you can see the results on the pooches’ happy faces.

In addition to the cabins, the shelter also has 55 acres of land full of forests and trails. There’s also a “maternity ward” for the new mothers and their babies. It’s basically a doggy paradise.

The cottages aren’t just comfortable. They also give the dogs a chance to practice living in environments that are similar to real homes. The shelter also gets a clearer idea of the dogs’ behaviour, which is valuable information for them to pass on to new owners.

We salute Luvable Dog Rescue for combining two of our favourite things: adorable cottages and happy pups. Their success just goes to to show the power of a little cottage time.

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