This cat vs. squirrel play fight is the cutest thing you’ll see all day

Ask honest cat owners to describe their beloved fur balls in one word, and they’ll likely blurt out “stubborn” or “independent.” (More optimistic cat lovers will start with “cuddly” or “adorable” before adding “but difficult”).

It’s a simple fact that, no matter how much you love your cat, it simply doesn’t care about your wishes, and it’ll always do its own thing. In fact, some cats take their defiance so seriously that they won’t even heed their own genetic imperatives. Case in point is the marmalade in this video, who bucks the whole predator-versus-prey trend by befriending a bushy-tailed rodent.

What’s that? I’m supposed to hunt that squirrel? Nuts to that—I’m going to cuddle with it!

But the defiance has a backstory: the rambunctious squirrel was saved by the cat’s owners, who cared for it in their home alongside their kitty when it was a juvenile. Miraculously, the wee squirrel managed to return to the wild, but it still drops in for the occasional romp with its curious cousin.

Of course, cats make up for their stubbornness by being unspeakably cute, and the play fight between these estranged siblings is kitty cuteness at its finest.