Think outside the box with this camper trailer that doubles as a boat

Ever been trucking around with your camper trailer wished you had room for a boat?


Then you might be interested in the Sealander, an invention from a German company which functions both as a camper and a boat. With the quick addition of an outboard motor, the waterproof trailer becomes a functional (albeit not terribly streamlined) boat.

The exterior is composed of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, which helps keep the craft afloat.


The Sealander boasts a fold-out table, sunroof, and seats that double as bunk beds. Customizable add-ons such as a compressor cooler, chemical toilet, or a sound system.

If this looks like a must-have, check out Sealander’s website for more information. Though, with a minimum $24,575 price tag, you might prefer to take your chances with a canoe.