These grocery-hauling golden retrievers are raising the bar for dogs everywhere

How many tricks does your dog know? Sitting’s usually guaranteed*, and shaking a paw is child’s play. With enough coaxing, most smarter dog breeds will even lie down and roll over, so long as there’s a Snausage up for grabs.

But beyond wiping paws on the mat after coming in from a rainy bathroom break, most dog tricks are good for our amusement and not much else.

If that sounds like your pooch, you might want to invite her up onto your lap (assuming she’s not already there) and introduce her to this pack of goldens that live up to their retriever pedigree.

You see that, [insert your dog’s name here]? See those happy pups carrying all of those heavy grocery bags from the car to the house? Just look at those tails wag! Imagine the treats they must get after a trick like that! Do you want to be a good girl just like them? No? OK then—thanks for drooling on my keyboard!

But don’t sweat it, you lazy, no-trick-knowing dogs of the world. We love you just the way you are.

*If your dog is a pug, sitting might not be guaranteed.