These “catios” give urban cats a safe outdoor oasis

First there were man-caves. Then there were she-sheds. What’s the next logical step? Turns out it’s catios — tiny, luxurious patios built specifically to help cats enjoy their outside time.

Despite their tendency to spend hours sleeping inside of suitcases, cats are wild creatures, and many of them yearn for the great outdoors. However, outdoor cats can get into trouble (or cause it). Outdoor cats are at risk of getting lost, being hit by cars, or becoming a meal for a hungry coyote, along with all the other perils of the outside world. Cats also have a tendency to kill birds in huge numbers, which is a source of worry for some conservationists.

Catios solve all these problems, while still allowing cats to enjoy the sun and fresh air. They also usually have a few extra perks: scratching posts, climbing apparatuses, and plants. Some even include a chair for a human friend.

There are some companies that sell prefabricated enclosures, but most are built by industrious humans in honour of their cat friends. These custom catios let people tailor the structure to each feline’s needs.

So if you’re a cat-lover in search of a summer project, catios might just be the perfect focus for your handy ambitions. Your cat probably won’t thank you for it, but hey, that’s why we love them.