These 8 magical cabins celebrate Welsh legends and history

If you’re into architectural innovation, treasure hunts, and fantasy getaways, you might want to book a trip to Wales this year. To celebrate the country’s “Year of Legends,” Epic Retreats  put on a competition that has elements of all three.

The contest challenged entrants to design tiny pop-up hotels that reflect Welsh legends and history, and the winning architectural designs are being erected in secret locations around the country. Eight winners have been selected, meaning there are eight magical little cabins soon to be popping up in undisclosed locations. Each one has a different theme, and stays will be accompanied by locally inspired activities like beer tastings and sea fishing. But the best part of the experience may be the creativity with which the cabins were designed, each one paying homage to a Welsh myth or legend.

One of the winning designs is a cave-like space built to feel like a shelter where King Arthur and his men might have escaped from the elements. Arthur was said to have stayed in various caves throughout the Welsh countryside, and he’s a local hero in the country. There are also hotels designed to pay tribute to Welsh dragons, stovepipe hats, and fighting forests.

The contest is a fun way of bringing architecture and local history together, and the designs themselves are truly charming. If you’re into the tiny house movement, these cabins will remind you of how creative and unique each tiny house can be. So step into these tiny houses where history and architecture meet. There’s more to them than meets the eye!

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