The Outhouse 2.0

If you’ve been to the Spring Cottage Life Show before, you probably recognize this crew of handy cottagers. For many years, Wayne Lennox, his son Matt, and their friend Bryan Halbot, have reigned over the Cottage Workshop. With their signature wit (and sometimes off-colour jokes) they have brought our magazine’s projects to life with live building demonstrations at our Cottage Life Shows. Got a question about a project at your cottage? These guys are like the cottage neighbours you wish you had – ready with the advice, always eager to chat about your latest project idea, and easy to share a beer with.

To celebrate our 20th anniversary show, Wayne and the crew are revamping the most popular Cottage Life project plan ever presented. The Cottage Life Outhouse made its first appearance in 1998 and was an instant hit. Call it a biffy, john, privy, or any other colourful name, these iconic structures started popping up all over cottage country.

In an innovative twist, we present Outhouse 2.0 – it’s been updated and tricked out with a composting toilet. While at the show, enter to win your own Lennox-built outhouse, including a Sun-Mar composting toilet – the prize is worth more than $3,000!

In addition to their expertise in outdoor ‘loos, bring your indoor plumbing questions for Bryan. He’s a skilled welder and has tackled more than few cottage plumbing jobs in his years.

Can’t wait for the show? Now available for download, a new Cottage Life e-book features the outhouse plans and new and updated content.

For more than 10 years, the Cottage Workshop has been sponsored by TIMBER MART. Thanks to their generous support, many of our show projects have been sent on to good homes at children’s camps, women’s shelters, and cottage-country theatre groups.