Sophisticated bear plays piano after breaking into home

Bear Katie Hawley/YouTube

On May 31, Katie Hawley of Vail, Colorado, came home to a kitchen in shambles. The soggy remains of a bag of frozen fruit, an empty peanut butter jar, and a shredded bag of flour where strewn across the house. When police arrived, they immediately confirmed it was the result of an animal intruder, calling the crime “grizzly” and “unbearable.”

It was only when Hawley reviewed the security tape that she realized the intruder did much more than just eat through her pantry.

After meandering around the living room, the bear briefly stopped at the piano to play a little tune, though many have been quick to point out he wasn’t very good. But hey, you can judge for yourself!

It appears that the bear slid open the unlocked sliding door to access the house. Hours after Hawley arrived home, he appeared again, this time tapping on the locked door.

He was probably just ready for an encore performance. Can we request “The Bare Necessities”?