Snowmobiler lucky to be alive after tumbling down a mountain slope

It’s not clear just how steep of a slope this snowmobiler is climbing until he hits a patch of rock, loses control, and flips the machine. What follows is a very long slide back down the hill, with surprise guest appearances from his tumbling snowmobile.

The rider’s long slide back down the mountain is eerily quiet. Even when the snowmobile catches up with him and almost crushes him a second time, he stays silent. He only shouts when his friend attempts to slow the runaway snowmobile, perhaps to warn him it’s not worth the danger to try and grab the heavy machine.

As expected, the snowmobile looks pretty mangled from its journey down the mountain, but it could have been a lot worse for the driver, as snowmobiles weigh hundreds of pounds and could easily crush a man’s bones.

Snowmobiling deaths are unfortunately all too common. Even if you’re not braving nearly vertical slopes like the daredevil in this video, hazards such as thin ice on lakes and protruding docks can be equally perilous.

When snowmobiling, always ride with a buddy, lay off the booze, and take it slow if you’re exploring a new route. And it doesn’t hurt to have a handle on the 7 snowmobile hand signals. Have fun out there!