Snowed-in cat is determined to dig its way outside

Cats are known for their distaste of water, but it seems they can handle snow just fine.

The massive winter storm that recently hit Atlantic Canada forced countless people to dig their way out their homes, including the man who shot this video, James Gilfoy of Moncton, New Brunswick. Lucky for Gilfoy, his cat Rudiger was there to do some digging for him.

Completely unfazed the cat wastes no time using his claws to scratch away large chunks of snow. He seems unconcerned by the cold white stuff, making occasional failed jumps for freedom while pawing his way through the snow drift.

After undermining the structural integrity of the snow blocking the doorway, the plucky cat is eventually able to jump to the outside world. There he seems bewildered by the thick layer of snow covering everything in sight. Cats are naturally insulated by their fur, but their paws are vulnerable to snow and ice, so Rudiger probably didn’t last too long outside. But at least he got to have a look—and make a bit of a mess in the meantime.