Self-inflating board takes paddleboarding to the next level

Paddleboarding has gained huge popularity over the past few years because it’s such an accessible sport—it’s easy to pick up and is a great workout for young and old people looking to spend more time on the water.

But because the boards span more than six feet in length, standard paddleboards are not exactly portable or even easy to store. Luckily, a new inflatable board called the SipaBoard helps combat those problems.

And in case you paddled a little too far across the lake, it’s also equipped with an internal, battery-powered motor that not only inflates the watercraft, but also provides forward motion as well.

The internal motor can produce a thrust of 3.5 knots for an hour, controlled by convenient controls housed on the paddle. Thanks to this innovative wireless controller system, you can also monitor the battery’s charge from a smartphone.

The SipaBoard is the brainchild of Sebastjan Sitar, a Slovenian paddleboarding enthusiast who wanted to add a boost to his daughter’s board so she could keep up with him on paddling expeditions.

The unique paddleboards are currently on offer as part of SipaBoard’s Kickstarter campaign, so you can be the first paddler on the lake to own one. They will eventually retail for $1,290, which isn’t far from what you would pay for a traditional paddleboard.

You can learn more about the features of the SipaBoard by visiting their official website.