Polar Stroller makes for easy pushing through snow or slush

Outdoor-loving parents rejoice! There’s now an easier way to tow your toddler around the park this winter—it’s called the Polar Stroller.

The Polar Stroller—a set of skis that can attach to any stroller for easy gliding—is the brainchild of Kelly Patterson and her engineer husband Glenn. After having their first child, the Calgary couple quickly realized how challenging it was to push a stroller through snow and slush. Worried that it would be difficult to stay active during the winter months if they couldn’t bring their new baby out for walks, they came up with the idea for the Polar Stroller.

Each ski has an adjustable binding that can attach to stroller wheels of any size. They’re lightweight, durable, and are fitted with traction so that if you let go of the handle, the stroller won’t slide away.

Photo by Polar Stroller

Unlike pulling a sled, the Polar Stroller is easy on parents’ backs and offers better steering control.

The Polar Stroller is available online for $170 for a four-wheel stroller and $150 for a three-wheel stroller.

What would we like the couple’s next invention to be? The Blade Buggy—a stroller with detachable skates.