Photos capture bison protecting her newborn from a coyote

Nothing is stronger than the protective instinct a mother feels for her young. It’s a fact that has been seen acted out in nature time and time again, and a recent series of photographs from Yellowstone Park perfectly illustrates how much power mothers can wield when their babies are threatened.

The photos show a newborn bison being targeted by a coyote, who attempts to drag the baby away but is repeatedly shut down by its mother. While a bison standing up to a coyote might not seem to be an unusual thing, it’s important to keep in mind that this bison had just given birth. While most of us could hardly stand up in such a situation, this mother bison used the last of her energy to cast out the predator was targeting her young, going from new mother to experienced protector in just a few minutes.

The series of photos was posted from Yellowstone’s Twitter account, and described the coyote as “very determined.”

Of course, we can’t blame the hungry coyote for trying—a baby bison is a pretty irresistible meal to a hungry carnivore. Coyotes are opportunistic hunters, and they’ll eat pretty much any small animal they think they can catch. But in this case, the coyote’s hunger was clearly no match for the mother bison’s protective instinct.

The whole incident is an incredible example of how determined animal parents are to protect their young, and a good reminder that the last person you want to end up in a fight with is a new mom.