Ontario man films not just one, but two, white moose wandering together in backcountry

Two albino moose in woods

The chances of spotting an albino moose are pretty slim (one was seen in Alaska last year, causing a sensation), so to see two at once is a bit like lightning striking twice. Yet that’s exactly what happened in some woods near Timmins, Ontario, recently, and there’s video to prove it.

Grant Best was in a backcountry clearing when he came across the two albino moose. Best apparently understood the rarity of the sight and was quick to get out his camera and film what he saw. The two moose, which are white from head to toe, appear alert but unafraid, looking warily towards the cameraman before moving back toward the forest.

Fortunately, Best chose to shoot the moose only with his camera. White moose are a sacred cultural symbol to local First Nations, and killing them is considered a violation. In 2013, there was a controversy when hunters killed an albino moose for sport, sparking outrage in local communities.

Of course, there is a possibility that these moose are not true albinos, but merely leucistic, meaning they have a recessive gene that causes a loss of pigmentation. Either way, they are quite striking, and are likely to garner further attention if they’re spotted again. So if you come across this pair, take a moment to appreciate their rarity—and shoot with cameras only.