Officers believe wolves are being poisoned in B.C.

wolves poisoned BC

Poison has been found lining known wolf corridors in East Kootenay, B.C.

In March, conservation officers were alerted to the presence of this poison when a local man contacted them about his dog. While out for a walk, the owner found his dog ill and convulsing after eating something from a white cupcake container. When tested, the material tested positive for strychnine, a chemical often found in rat poison. Thankfully, the dog was treated in time and survived.

“[The containers we found] are all white, so we believe they were placed in the snow to blend in so they wouldn’t be detected. We’ve only found them since the snow has started to melt,” CO Greg Kruger told CBC.

During weeks of investigating, officers have found seventeen batches of poison several kilometres along a known corridor for wolves in the area. Due to the location of the poison, officers are looking for someone who is targeting the wolf population.

Two wolves were found in April, and while toxicology reports haven’t come back, it is likely from the deadly poison. As these are the only reported carcasses, it is unknown if any more wolves have died as a result of ingesting the chemical, though it is believed they could simply be in less populated areas.

If the person is caught, they could be facing a $1 million fine and prison term over a year.