Nova Scotian farmer offers bacon as reward for catching power tool thief

close up of bacon Photo by Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Twice this summer, thieves have stolen tools from Melvin Burns’ animal farm in Cooks Brook, Nova Scotia. After asking the community for any tips about who stole the power tools to no avail, he’s taking on a new strategy: appealing to the community’s stomach.

Burns announced on his Facebook page he’d give away five pounds of his best Berkshire bacon to any tips that lead to the culprit who stole the tools. While the Facebook post has since been shared over a 1,100 times, Burns is still waiting on any tips.

Around $1,000 worth of power tools went missing last week from Burns’ farm, named Moo Nay Farms. “We work hard to keep our animals alive and safe, [and] these tools help us do that,” Burns wrote on Facebook. “Please consider our animals, their fences, shelters and all the things we need these tools for.”

In addition to offering bacon as a reward, Burns also said he’d give the thief a job on the farm. In an interview with the CBC, Burns said, “If they needed money that badly, we could find them something to do and help them out.”

Moo Nay is a small, free-range farm that provides several Halifax restaurants with beef and pork.

So far, the bacon remains unsliced and unclaimed. In the meantime, a friend of Burns has started a GoFundMe to help replace the missing tools, which has raised over $600.

Melvin Burns with cow
Photo by Moo Nay Farms/Facebook