New 12-pack combines craft beer from across the country to celebrate Canada’s 150th

12-pack beer across canada

Twelve craft breweries from ten provinces and two territories are teaming up to create the Red Racer Across the Nation Collaboration, a 12-pack featuring local brews from across Canada. Brewmasters gathered in Surrey, B.C. to represent their brands, brewing their regional beer in tanks displaying their provincial flags.

“We all know Canada is renowned for our great beer and it has been such an honour to work with each of the breweries. We can’t wait to showcase some spectacular beers and the brewing talents of all 12 breweries,” says Gary Lohin, the Brewmaster at Central City Brewers + Distillers.

For beer lovers, this limited edition collaboration will be available in most liquor stores in early May. Below is the full list of participating breweries:

As a part of our patriotic duty, we will be forced to sample every one.