Netflix wants to help cottagers watch more movies at the lake

Photo Credit: Twin Design/Shutterstock

The online streaming service Netflix is giving Ontario’s internet-less cottagers an easy way to get their TV fix while at the lake.

According to The Globe and Mail, the company is opening temporary “download zones” (physical locations where the company has set up internet access) which allow Netflix users to download their favourite series and films to their devices and then watch them offline.

The initiative begins on May Two-Four—a weekend nobody wants to spend indoors—with hotspots appearing at the Bass Pro Shop at Vaughan Mills on Friday and the Farmers Market in Collingwood, both Saturday and Sunday.

Employees from the service will be on-site to guide users through the process, just in case you run into any technical difficulties.

Netflix confirms that it will operate its download zones across various Ontario cottage country locations until Labour Day, but they will only be available over holiday weekends.

We’re not entirely sure when cottagers are supposed to be binge watching shows, given all the swimming, canoeing, camping, barbecuing, and enjoying the great outdoors that usually occupies long weekends, but maybe Netflix is hoping for rain?