Nadine Sykora – What makes you UNEEK?

Nadine is constantly on the move. In the past four years, she’s visited 45 countries and lived in England, New Zealand, and the United States. She’s been all over the world—from Greece to Guatemala, Vietnam to Venice—and she’s just getting started.

Nadine began blogging by making YouTube videos as a university student. After she graduated, she decided to go travelling while also continuing to produce her videos—only this time the backdrop would be mountains and oceans, which are much more exciting than her dorm room.

At the time, travel blogging was still a very new phenomenon, so Nadine forged her own path. “I’m very much a trailblazer,” she says. “Literally. I hike a lot of trails when I travel.”

With her travel blog, Hey Nadine, she’s kickboxed in Thailand and hiked up volcanoes in New Zealand. She’s scuba dived in Belize and explored the ancient temples in China. She’s gorged on tapas in Spain and jumped off cliffs into the ocean in Jamaica.

“It wasn’t necessarily a specific person or specific thing that inspired me to travel; I just felt that I needed to see the world,” Nadine says. “It’s 100 per cent curiosity that inspired me to start traveling.”

Nadine has experienced plenty of unique travel adventures, but some of her favourite experiences include volunteering at a cheetah conservation centre in South Africa, traversing rope courses in the Swiss Alps, and attending a kava ceremony in a village in Fiji. “Moments like these are so special and really unique and memorable.”

Although Nadine loves immersing herself in culture, whether it’s meeting local people or eating local foods, she’s got a penchant for thrill. She’s been paragliding, hand gliding, skydiving, and bob sledding. The one thing that she won’t do (at least yet): “Bungee jumping! It’s the one thing that would push me outside of my comfort zone!”

Nadine has been traveling non-stop for nearly four years, but she’s never grown tired of her nomadic lifestyle.

“What keeps me passionate about travel blogging is that every single day is a new adventure. I never know where I’m going to wake up, what’s going to be outside my door—and I think that’s so exciting,” says Nadine. “What more can you want from life?”

So what’s next on Nadine’s bucket list? India. “There’s just something so unique about India that differs from the rest of the world,” she says. “And I love curry!”

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