Muskoka Brewery amps up cottage hospitality with dockside beer delivery service

Praise the beer gods! The days of frantically dashing to the liquor store before closing time or scouring the back of the cold room for a brew are long gone, thanks to Muskoka Brewery.

The brewery will be offering draught beer delivery to the Muskoka region throughout the rest of the summer—you won’t even have to leave the dock to get a refill.

There are two options available for cottagers: the Canoe and the Kayak.

With the Canoe, a beer connoisseur will come to your dock and set up an indoor/outdoor draught unit complete with a Muskoka Brewery tap, official glassware, compostable cups, C02 unit, and a cool patio umbrella. Once everything is good to go, someone from the brewery will make sure your keg is filled with fresh beer for the rest of the summer.

If you already have a keg or a draught unit, the Kayak is for you. It comes with all fixings, but for a third of the price.

The Canoe costs a cool $1,495, while the Kayak is $495, which includes weekly beer refills. If you’re throwing multiple parties throughout the summer and you’re a lover of local beer, you’ll get your money’s worth after a few days of lounging dockside.

Cottagers living in the Bracebridge, Muskoka Lakes, Gravenhurst, Lake of Bays, and Huntsville townships all qualify for this service.

Now, if only Steamwhistle would come up with a delivery service for our urban back patios when we’re stuck in the city from Monday to Friday.