Motorbike vigilante gives litterbugs a taste of their own medicine

A number of famous campaigns have sought, with varying success, to purge people of the urge to litter.

One of the most effective, the Texas Department of Transporation’s “Don’t Mess with Texas” campaign, famously reduced litter on the state’s major highways by 72 percent during the 1980s, and Texans still employ the phrase as a point of state pride.

But in Russia, the litter problem is so severe that it’s beyond the scope of a catchy slogan. Case in point: the above video, in which a leather-clad vigilante literally throws garbage back in the faces of litterbugs.

In case you haven’t brushed up on your Russian, the first caption reads “I want to live in a clean city.” The video then concludes with the caption “And there will be punishment for anyone who spits on this.”

The vigilante has yet to be identified. And though her methods might put her at risk, we have to admit: it’s a little bit thrilling to see a litterbug’s trash tossed back through their SUV windows.