Black bear cubs play like children on backyard hammock

For adults, the cottage hammock provides a relaxing afternoon nap or a moment away from your family who became a bit too crazy during that friendly game of ladder toss. But for children, a hammock is a playground, where swinging precariously on a stretch of woven fabric is as much fun as a traditional swing set.

As it turns out, hammocks are fun for other young species too.

In a video captured by New Jersey’s Carol Harrington, two bear cubs are seen playing on a hammock while the cubs’ mother supervises. Earlier this month, Harrington looked out her back window and saw the trio playing on her white hammock tied between two trees.

“Look, they’re having so much fun though,” Harrington says in the video as one of the cubs scrambles atop the rocking fabric, before barreling off the other side. Meanwhile, the other cub takes the slow and steady approach—which recommend for the folks at home—and successfully climbs on.

Surprisingly, the cubs’ sharp claws didn’t do any damage to the hammock. Harrington told the radio station New Jersey 101.5 that the hammock survived unscathed.

In the background of the video, you can hear a dog growling as Harrington watches the shenanigans from her house. We bet the dog is just upset that it didn’t think of playing on the hammock first.