Moose eats Canada 150 tribute garden


While many Canadians are excited to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, there are some who couldn’t care less. Among them: a Newfoundland moose who demolished a tribute garden in one sitting.

The garden, which was planted at Memorial University of Newfoundland’ botanical garden in Saint John, was to be a display of tulips. Over 800 bulbs were planted in a maple-leaf formation in red and white, which was slated to be in full bloom by July 1. However, staff came in one morning and found that many of the tulip stalks had been uprooted and devoured.

Tulips chewed down to bottom of the stalks
The MUN Botanical Gardens posted photos to their Facebook page showing tulips chewed down to nubs.

Apparently, the smorgasbord of tasty plant life had proven too tempting for a local moose. “Moose thought the Canada 150 Celebration Tulip Garden was the perfect place for a bite,” the botanical garden posted on its Facebook page. According to the post, the entire display was ruined, but garden staff didn’t seem to mind. “How bloomin’ Canadian is that?” they quipped.

Tim Walsh, a horticulturalist with the botanical garden, was sympathetic to the animal who’d consumed his hard work. He told the Toronto Sun that to a moose, the garden was nothing more than “a giant salad bar.” He added, “When they finally find these delicious, sweet tulip leaves after a winter of eating nothing but fir branches and tree bark, these tulips must have been a very sweet meal.”

Walsh said that the tulips may sprout again and bloom next year. And if they don’t, he’ll take it in stride. “As gardeners, you have to be resilient. You have to look at the bright side of things.”