Moose and drone share curious encounter in Norway

We’ve all seen them. They’re hovering above public parks, taking off from suburban sidewalks, and soaring across shopping-mall parking lots. And these days, even in the remote wilderness, you’re likely to spot one spinning its tiny propellors above the heads of perturbed animals.

They’re drones, and they’re everywhere.

Case in point is a recent video uploaded by Kolbjørn Hoseth Larssen, a photographer and media teacher from northern Norway. On a recent expedition near the coastal town of Storkmarknes, he used a drone to film a bemused moose (in Europe they’re called elk), trying to chew her cud in peace and quiet. At one point, she chases the retreating drone, but it’s unclear whether she’s trying to shoo it away or inspect it more closely.

That’s not to say we don’t occasionally marvel at the stunning footage that drones make possible, but you have to feel for the curious cow in this clip. After all, we cottagers love our privacy.