London woman finds unexpected visitor occupying her cat’s bed

Fox in a cat bed [Credit:

Who among us hasn’t looked at a sleeping house cat and longed to trade places? It turns out that wish isn’t exclusive to humans, as a London woman discovered when she woke up for work one morning and found a fox snoozing in her cat’s bed.

“As I was passing the kitchen, I noticed these rather large ears,”Meloney Blazye told the Dodo. “I had one foot in the bathroom and one foot in the hall, and stepped back to look again. Yes, those were not cat ears!”

Blazye had left her apartment window ajar so her cat George could go in and out, but apparently the fox had taken the open window as an open invitation. Blazye turned on the light, guessing it would scare the fox away, but the fox was in too deep a state of relaxation to be fazed.

“I looked at him and he looked at me,” she said. “He was not frightened of me at all.”

cat swiping at fox in cat bed
George the cat attempted to defend his bed, but to no avail. [Credit: Meloney Blazye]
Eventually, George returned and tried to scare away the unwanted visitor, hissing and swiping, but the fox didn’t even bother to defend itself. “He was acting like another member of the family who had been there for years and was confused about what all the fuss was about,” said Blazye.

Finally, taking matters into her own hands, Blazye tipped the bed toward the window until the fox had no choice but to jump out.

“If I had not shut the window after that, he would have came back in for sure,” she said. “He didn’t want to be outside — I think he was cold. After that, he was at the window looking in at the cat and I for a few minutes before going on his way.”

The fox was later seen hunkered down under a neighbour’s deck, but within a few days he had gone on his way. Still, Blazye (and George) will not forget the encounter anytime soon.

“I have never been eye-to-eye with a wild animal like that — he was amazing to look at so close.”

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