Labrador man and nephew rescue moose calf trapped in snow

A young moose is roaming free again, after being rescued from a deep hole on a snowy river in Southern Labrador

William Saulter and his nephew Scott first spotted the calf’s brown fur against the snow when they were out checking their traps near the small town of Forteau. Saulter told reporters that before he got close enough to see the moose’s long ears, he thought it was an otter.

One of the first things the pair noticed when they reached the hole was that there weren’t any hoof prints around it, which suggested that the moose had been stuck for a few days.

“When I got there he was trying to leap and trying to get out,” Saulter told CBC Radio’s Labrador Morning. Unfortunately, every time the calf jumped it’s front legs slipped on the snow and ice, and it fell back into the hole.

Seeing that the moose was having little success, Saulter realized that it was going to be up to him and his nephew to get the animal out, even as the snow continued to give way around the hole.

According to reports, the two pulled the moose out with the help of a stick and a rope, which they managed to tie around the animal’s waist.

Saulter told reporters that the calf was noticeably exhausted when they got him onto the ice.

“He just lied there on his belly for a while. And then he tried to get up. So he stood up on the ice, and stood up there for a few minutes. Then he started to move around.”

Shortly after, the moose walked away unharmed, but not without glancing back at Saulter and his nephew a few times,

“Looked like he was looking back saying ‘thank you,’” Saulter said.