Insane skier races straight down perilous crevice

Watching this pulse-pounding video, you might think Cody Townsend has a death wish. And maybe he does. But he’s also a professional skier who just won Powder Magazine’s Line of the Year.

What is a line? In alpine skiing, a fall line is the route down the mountain that is most directly downhill. If you were to throw a ball from the top, the skier would follow that direct route.

Of course, this is a highly dangerous approach to skiing, and athletes reach tremendous speeds. Surrounded by rocky outcroppings and steep drops, the slightest mistake could mean sudden death. Especially when you pick a crevice like the one Cody conquered in this video, which barely afforded room to squeeze through in parts.

And yet, he totally did it. And caught the whole thing on video.Website caught up with Cory to ask him about the epic line, and he had this to say:

“I realized how gnarly it was, how skinny it was, how fast I was going. That was the first time in my life that a line has actually got scarier after I’ve dropped in.”

Yeah, we’d be scared too.

You can catch more of Cory’s highly impressive skiing in the video Days of my Youth, which is available now.