Hiking trails across Canada can now be experienced online

hiking trails online

 Doing research for your next excursion just got a little easier.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has teamed up with Google to map a series of hiking trails across Canada. With the use of the Google Trekker, a 360-degree camera mounted to a backpack, 18 trails have been recorded and uploaded to their site.

“They were chosen based on accessibility for the public and also the presence of the trail,” Megan Lafferty, conservation biologist with the Nature Conservancy, told CBC.

This project has been in progress for the past two years, and is intended to inspire people to get outdoors and on the trails. In displaying the trail, first-time visitors can prepare themselves and get excited about their trip.

“We hope these images will excite people in Canada and around the world to explore some of our most stunning and diverse landscapes, coast to coast,” said John Lounds, president and chief executive officer of the NCC.

With national parks already reporting a huge influx of visitors, you’ll probably have these trails all to yourself!