Good news weekend warriors: New Quicksilver wetsuit looks exactly like a business suit

On Fridays at 4:45 p.m., weekend warriors across the country count down the final minutes until they can ditch the business suit, hit the road, and head to the cottage.

Now thanks to Quicksilver, 9-to-5ers can get into the lake even faster with the surf company’s latest innovation: a business suit that doubles as a wetsuit. Consisting of a jacket, pants and tie, the True Wetsuit is made of 2-mm rubbery Neoprene—the golden fabric of the surf world.

The shirt is made with the super-stretchy, water-repellent Dry Flight, a fabric Quicksilver developed with 3M. The suit comes in black and navy blue. But what’s that you say? You’re headed to the cottage straight from a black tie affair? Quicksilver has you covered.

The “Tux” wetsuit is super slick with a black bowtie and a perfectly fitting suit that screams both charity ball and surf’s up! And for the days when you play hooky and choose the big wave over work, the Pen & Diary set is there for you. If you push down the pen while in the water, an email with an pre-composed excuse will automatically be sent out to your boss, like “Stuck in traffic. Running a bit behind.”

Currently, the $2,500 wetsuit is only available for purchase in Japan—where the surf is gnarly and the work days long—but here’s hoping it makes its way to Canada soon enough, along with a women’s pantsuit, too.

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