Feds targeting maple syrup impostors with new regulations 

After nearly a decade of discussion, the Canadian federal government is finally cracking down on national enemy number one: maple syrup imposters.

These new regulations, which went into affect on December 31, will target maple syrup fraudsters who attempt to pass off their sugary water concoctions for bona-fide Canadian Maple Syrup.

According to a release issued by the federal government, “the changes harmonize the definition and grading system in the United States and Canada, and give consumers more consistent and relevant information about different varieties of maple syrup.”

Ray Bonenberg, the president of the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association, said in an interview with Better Farming that the new regulations “[help] us in the battle of adulterated and fake syrup.”

The new standards will also update the current grade and colour classes of maple syrup, as well as adding “flavour descriptors” to labels to give consumers a more consistent idea of what each variety tastes like.

These new federal regulations will not affect independent makers who produce the sweet stuff for personal consumption.

Canada produces 84 percent of the world’s maple syrup production, with the United States producing the remaining 16 percent.

Gerry Ritz, Minster of the Agriculture and Agri-Food, says, “Maple syrup is a national delicacy and an important driver of our economy. We are pleased that these amendments will better support Canada’s maple producers by helping to facilitate trade and meet consumer demand.”

Now, who’s craving pancakes?