Dog-mounted camera captures an epic sprint to the beach

Thanks to the rugged nature of GoPro cameras, creative types have made videos out of everything from a drone flying through fireworks to a surf-board POV. Since the cameras are so sturdy and affordable, you can take risks such as, oh, I don’t know … strapping it to a dog.

And not just any dog, an adorable Labrador retriever who clearly loves to swim. Once the video begins and Walter is unleashed, he sprints to the water in an impressive display of speed and agility. Walter jumps fences, ducks low-hanging brush, and bounds over rocks. He doesn’t even slow down for a quick pat on the head before plunging into the water.

We love dogs because of their infectious enthusiasm, and it’s hard not to smile at Walter’s unfettered joy at the opportunity to make a splash on a hot summer day.

Walter’s owner posted a follow-up video that shows his mad dash from another perspective, on another day. It’s not quite as fast as the original, but you get a better idea of the difficult terrain this athletic dog had to navigate in his quest for a dip. You can see it here.