Dog meetup at the beach fills the surf with corgis

Corgi Nadezhda V. Kulagina/

Visitors to Vancouver’s Spanish Banks beach last Saturday were likely to come across more than just sand and waves. Anyone out on the shore that day would have difficulty ignoring the fact that the beach was overrun with corgis.

Instagram: meelocorgibutt
Not to worry, these two are just playing.

Dozens of corgis — small dogs known for their short legs and big ears — were on the beach with their owners as part of a Corgis of BC meetup, and the atmosphere could only be described as joyous. Some corgis ran and played in the water, while others lay in the sand, but all the corgis attained a level of happiness reserved only for dogs at the beach. There was even a celebrity in attendance — Bentley the corgi of Netflix’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, who was available for photo ops with fans.

Corgi meetups are a regular event in Vancouver and beyond. In California, hundreds of corgis showed up to a similar event. These meetups seem particularly successful because of how loyal corgi owners are to the breed. “I’ve always loved corgis,” Teresa Holland, the organizer of the event, told the CBC. “I think it probably started when I was younger because I love the Queen [Elizabeth II] and I always wanted to have one. They’re just really funny, curious, loving dogs.”

Corgis and owners on the beach
Shutterstock/krissy e
Corgis and their owners take time out for a group photo.

Will this become a trend? Will beaches everywhere soon be packed with stubby-legged dogs? We can only hope.