Daredevil motorcyclist cruises New Brunswick logging road after first winter storm

It seems pretty simple: when the first snow falls, you pack the motorcycle away until spring. Motorcycles are inherently unstable, unable to stand upright unless they are moving forward. Which means that in wet conditions, they become death traps, where the slightest wobble can cause disaster.

Apparently this adventurous (read: suicidal) biker didn’t get the memo, or simply has more guts than common sense, riding his chopper down a logging road in New Brunswick after the first snow storm of the year.

As an incredulous group of guys passes by in a truck, they capture video of the daredevil, who seems unperturbed by the unsafe conditions, even taking a moment to skid around in a circle as if to prove his riding prowess.

What’s even worse is that this video was taken on a deserted logging road 30 Kilometres west of Bathurst New Brunswick on Route 180. Which means that when he inevitably crashes, there is no cell service, let alone gas stations for kilometres.

Needless to say we wouldn’t recommend taking risks like this, but if you simply must feel the wind in your hair this winter, perhaps consider a nice snowmobile ride. And in case you’re rusty on your hand signals, check out this handy guide to refresh your memory.