Crews rescue deer trapped on New Jersey pond for nearly a day

A deer is now recovering at a wildlife refuge in New Jersey, after being rescued from a frozen pond.

According to reports, the deer was stranded on a small pond in Roxbury overnight, before rescue crews showed up with their amphibious land boat to help at around 10:30 a.m. on Sunday.

When rescue crews arrived, the exhausted doe was struggling to stand about 60 metres offshore. Although the rescue workers nearly needed to be saved when their boat started taking on water and forced them into the pond, no one was injured and they eventually managed to get the deer back to shore.

They tranquilized the jilted doe before bringing her to the Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary in New Jersey’s Warren County that afternoon.

Because the animal was struggling to walk on her own, her rescuers feared that she was injured. But only hours later, as the doe was resting on one of the sanctuary’s beds of straw, director Kelly Simonetti told reporters that the deer was likely just suffering from sore muscles after frantically trying to get off the ice.

“I think it was more panic than anything,” Simonetti said, adding that their goal was to release her back into the wild as soon as possible.