Collapsing dock drenches an entire wedding party on their big day

After one of the longest, coldest Canadian winters in recent memory, more than a few of us are eager for a dip in the lake.

Of course, that group probably didn’t include the 20 members of this unlucky wedding party in Crosslake, Minnesota, who made an unexpected splash on the bride and groom’s big day.

During a photo op on an audibly creaky dock, videographer Megan Fritze captured this calamitous footage of newlyweds Dan and Jackie Anderson, along with their formally clad bridesmaids and groomsmen, getting drenched as the dock collapses beneath them.

And in a sign that chivalry’s not quite dead, the women run for the safety of the shore—only four of them manage to stay dry—while the men accept their fate and descend with the sinking dock.

The bride gets drenched right along with the groomsmen, but despite the unexpected dunk in the cold water, no one was hurt, and Dan and Jackie went on with the ceremony after drying off.

Apparently, unexpected dips during cottage weddings aren’t all that uncommon, as we came across a similar video last season.