Climber stranded on Canada’s highest peak thanks to earthquakes and bad weather

climber stranded yukon

Natalia Martinez became stranded on Mount Logan in Yukon, Canada’s highest mountain, early Monday morning when strong earthquakes struck the area. The 37-year old was nine days into her solo climb, and was unable to move on when the earthquakes caused a series of avalanches around her camp. Not wanting to attempt the unstable descent, she is awaiting a rescue mission lead by Parks Canada.

With strong winds and limited visibility, a helicopter rescue cannot be organized until the weather clears up. If all goes according to plan, this will occur on Friday, where it is predicted that there will be a window of good weather.

“Right now, she’s doing her best to stay safe, keep the camp safe, to keep the tent sound,” her partner Camilo Rada told CBC, who has been in contact with Martinez through satellite phone. “It’s kind of a painful wait, especially with these weather conditions.”

One night, Martinez was forced to shovel out her tent every couple of hours to prevent being buried by the snow. “She has a lot of climbing experience in Patagonia, which is notorious for the bad weather. So she knows how to make a camp strong and to keep it safe in a storm.”

Hopefully by Friday she will be safe and sound with a crazy story to tell. Good luck to Natalia Martinez and all those involved in her rescue!