Christmas gifts every Canadian will love

Canadian flag painted on a piano Photo by sherwood/Shutterstock

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Christmas is reportedly more than 40 per cent of Canadians’ favourite holiday, more than twice as popular as Canada Day, the distant runner-up. Christmas and Canada go hand-in-hand, so here’s how to celebrate the season in a uniquely Canadian way.

Canada socks

Canada socks
Photo courtesy of Etsy

Never complain about getting socks for Christmas again with these clever socks. The message isn’t available unless you put your feet up, the perfect excuse for not helping with the Christmas dinner dishes.

Skyline wall decal

Bring your favourite city’s skyline home with this fun wall decal, and yes, there are other cities besides Toronto available. Perfect for combating holiday homesickness.

Canada cookie cutters

Celebrate Canada’s majestic wildlife with these themed cookie cutters. Bonus points for creatively naming them. Another bite of Melvin Moose, anyone?

Great Lakes pillow

Celebrate Canada’s inland “unsalted seas” with this fashionable (and comfy) pillow.

Quebec Nordiques Santa hat

Quebec Nordique Santa hat_
Photo courtesy of

Add a little retro charm (and possibly some sad nostalgia) to your Christmas with this hat celebrating the now-in-Denver Quebec Nordiques. Is it just us, or does the logo look a little like an elephant?

Maple leaf ornament

Canadian Maple Leaf ornament
Photo courtesy of Etsy

Perfect as a holiday party favour, this stamped aluminum maple leaf will remind everyone how much they love the True North.

CBC retro sweater

RBC retro sweater
Photo courtesy of

A perfect splurge for the CBC fan in your life, this pure wool sweater featuring CBC’s iconic logo will warm even the coldest winter hearts.

Mountie thermos

Photo courtesy of Indigo

A hot drink in a thermos festooned with hockey players is Canadian enough. Combine it with a chilly outdoor game and you’re about as Canadian as you get.

Lumberjack onesie

Get all the lumberjack aesthetic with none of the chopping with this cozy onesie. 

Maple cookies

Perennial Canadian favourites, a box of these maple cream cookies would be a perfect stocking stuffer. Pair a couple of cookies with maple tea for a warm and cozy Canadian snack.

Canada necklace

Canada necklace
Photo courtesy of Etsy

Anyone can wear their patriotism on their sleeve. This pretty gift lets them wear it around their neck. (We’re pretty sure there isn’t actually a heart-shaped island in the northwest Atlantic, though.)

Canadian Connect 4

Canada Connect 4
Photo courtesy of Etsy

The ultimate cottage rainy-day game gets a Canadian makeover. Made of maple and walnut, this handmade Connect 4 set is just like the original one with a Canuck twist.

Mountie passport/sunglass pouch

Mountie password/sunglass pouch
Photo courtesy of Etsy

This versatile bag with the whimsical print is perfect for the traveller in your life. The best part? There’s an equally fun red-and-white moose print on the inside.


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