Cat pulls a Kool-Aid Man and smashes through snow wall

Thanks to their keen sense of self-preservation and high intelligence, cats are often given free reign to explore the outdoors. Of course, when it’s mealtime, these intrepid explorers know just where to go for dinner. Or in the winter, maybe just for a quick warm-up.

In this video, a cat returns to find that a massive snowdrift has blocked its way inside. After some encouragement from its owner, it bursts through the snow wall, reminiscent of a certain affable Kool-Aid mascot. You half expect the triumphant feline to let out a loud “OH YEAH!”

It has been a very cold winter, and many cottagers have been reporting snow build-ups of this magnitude. As you can see through the hole, the snow isn’t uniformly that deep, just gathered by the wind against buildings.

In another instance of snowdrift build-up, a cat is actually in the opposite situation, trying to get past the snow barrier for a bit of fresh air.

While cats enjoy a respectable amount of insulation due to their fur, they are not as hearty as their cousin the Lynx, a secretive animal that we recently featured in a post. If you plan to let your cat outside in the winter months, make sure that it is able to get back inside when the weather proves too cold.