Carp filmed swimming on flooded Toronto Island baseball diamonds

A fish swimming in flooded baseball diamond

As you’ve probably heard, thanks to several factors including everything from high rainfall to multi-year weather cycles, the Great Lakes have overflowed this year, causing widespread flooding. One popular spot that has been particularly affected is Toronto Island, which city officials have confirmed is 40 percent underwater. As a result, Toronto Island Park, a beloved summer hangout spot, is closed and will remain so until it is deemed entirely safe.

While the situation is a drag for most Torontonians, there are some who are enjoying the park’s submersion: fish. Apparently, groups of carp are using the flood as an opportunity to explore spots they’ve never been to before.

Toronto Star reporter Azzura Lalani posted a video to Twitter of a group of carp swimming over what is usually a baseball diamond.

Lalani wasn’t the only one to observe the phenomenon. Other photos and videos of the phenomenon have also been popping up online:

While the flood may be fun for the fish, it has caused plenty of inconveniences for people. Events have had to be cancelled, weddings have been rescheduled,  and half of Toronto Island’s buildings are at risk for damage.

Still, the city is doing what it can to limit the damage. Thousands of sandbags have been set up along the shoreline, and industrial pumps are constantly removing water from flooded areas. Residents are trying to remain positive, despite the blow to their buildings and local businesses.

Peter Freeman, owner of the Island Cafe told the National Post that he was opening for the weekend despite a flooded patio: “Our dance floor has actually floated upward. We’re hoping the stage will not float away. I think it’s going to be ok.”

As for the fish, Freeman was able to put an optimistic spin on them as well.

“There are carp swimming around all over the island and all the wildlife is much more…revitalized.”

According to officials, the park’s closure may last until July.