Canadian train blasts through massive snowdrifts like they’re nothing

Canada’s Atlantic provinces have been hit pretty hard by old man winter this season, and according to reports, more snow is on its way.

Of course, all that snow needs to go somewhere, and a considerable amount piles up along railroad tracks. Though the snow caused a ton of flight cancellations in Eastern North America, it appears Canadian National Railway trains are up to the task of blasting through the sizeable drifts. And boy does it look cool when they do!

The train in this video is designated locomotive 2304 (ES44DC), and does a great job of clearing the way for subsequent trains. At times the engine can’t even be seen, obscured by the billowing clouds of snow whipping around. In fact, as the train draws closer, it looks like even the observation windows are covered in snow.

Stick around at least until at least 0:58, when the train hits the intersection where YouTube user Containerman2 was filming the spectacular sight outside Salisbury, New Brunswick. If you’re not sure of the sheer quantity of snow being displaced from a distance, it certainly becomes clear when the camera is completely covered as the determined train rolls by.