Canadian couple will attempt to visit all 86 Heritage Minutes sites this year

Heritage Minutes YouTube/Historica Canada

Known for their campy quality and cheesy dialogue, CBC’s Heritage Minutes told our nation’s history and in turn became a part of our national identity.

Jim Ellwood and Rebecca Bartlett, like many Canadians, are fans of the these 60 second clips from the 1990s. In fact, the couple enjoys the clips so much that they decided to plan an adventure themed around them.

“We’re both history nerds and were kids in the ’90s, so we have a lot of nostalgia for the Heritage Minutes,” Bartlett told BuzzFeed Canada.

The couple made it Almonte, ON, where the statue of James Naismith resides as well as to Lunenburg, home to the Bluenose. The pair were able to take a ride on the ship’s namesake.

The couple will visit each memorial, statue, and museum relating to the Heritage Minutes. They have already completed 32 locations, but have found it somewhat challenging.

“Finding good locations for some of the Minutes was tough, especially since for the longer trips we need to be able to get there and back to Ottawa in two to three weeks,” Bartlett said.

To add to the difficulty, some Heritage Minutes are not tied to a certain location or artifact. Luckily, Historica Canada has been helping out by suggesting significant locations.

“Historica has been very supportive of our project, which has been lovely,” Bartlett said.

Follow along as they share their journey on their website, Instagram, and Twitter. And if you’re suddenly feeling nostalgic, here are our 10 favourite Heritage Minutes.