Bull moose charges past woman holding two children

When we think of dangerous animals, our minds often jump to bears or wolves, but this video taken on Tuesday shows that we need to be cautious even around the seemingly less-threatening members of the animal world.

The video, shot at the foot of undisclosed foothills, shows a bull moose suddenly break into a run towards a woman standing at the other end of a field. Fortunately the woman, who is holding two young children, is far enough away to see the moose coming and move aside, and the moose itself veers away at the last moment. The man shooting the video can be heard expressing his surprise at the animal’s actions: “How scary was that?”

Moose may charge when they feel threatened by the presence or closeness of a person. However, their main goal is to force an intruder farther away, so if you’re even being pursued by a moose, the best course of action is to get out of its way and get out of its territory. Fortunately, the woman in the video has the presence of mind to dodge, and the moose itself quickly goes back to grazing: a happy ending to a harrowing encounter.