Bulky beaver gets stuck in a Hamilton fence

beaver trapped in fence

We aren’t the only ones packing a bit of extra weight from the winter season.

A Hamilton resident found a large adult beaver wedged between the bars of a fence on Tuesday morning. Even though our national animal is most known for their teeth, “his sharp incisors were not helpful in cutting through‎ the iron fence,” the colourful news release states.

The animal, said to have been “carrying excess fat,” was freed by Officer Sarah Mombourquette through the use of a bar of soap and some elbow grease.

“He landed, as the Canadian-ism goes, arse over teakettle through the fence onto a lower section of ground and couldn’t pull his rear-end through with his tiny front paws.”

The beaver is now recuperating from the ordeal at the Hamilton Animal Services shelter, and will be released back into the wild once he is fully recovered.

Thankfully, he has made himself at home in the shelter, where he enjoyed a “well-deserved veggie buffet.”