Bear tries to break into Saskatchewan bakery after smelling fresh cinnamon buns

bun Elena Shashkina/

Freshly baked cinnamon buns can be pretty tempting—just walk past a Cinnabon in the mall and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Apparently, humans aren’t the only ones who can’t resist the heavenly smell of these freshly baked pastries.

Les Archer was pulling out some cinnamon buns in his family’s bakery—situated in Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan—when he heard a tapping on the door.

“He went over and looked, and here’s this bear trying to open the door and come in,” Dave Archer, who helps run the family business, told CBC.

“Anyway, he shooed him off with a stick, and threw a couple things at him and got him to run across the street.”

Earlier in the week, a bear had broken into the store’s cooler and gorged itself on macaroni salad. The store owners made a makeshift lock with a board to counteract any further attempts at robbery, which thankfully paid off.

“We’ve had bears at the back door almost annually, I suppose, where you’ll have a quick sighting or one gazing in the back door at you, but we’ve never ever had one get in,” said Archer.

Those most have been some pretty amazing sweets. I wonder if they deliver?