Bear helps RCMP nab suspect in B.C. by treeing him

bear Christopher MacDonald / Shutterstock

Sometimes help can come from unexpected places.

A driver was clocked going 40 km/h over the speed limit in Fort St. John, B.C. last week. He abandoned his car after speeding away from the traffic officer, and took off into the woods.

The RCMP¬†were unable to find the suspect, until they received a 911 call from the vehicle’s owner. Having been chased by a bear very near to where the speeding vehicle was pulled over, the suspect climbed a tree to escape and subsequently called the police for help.

“We didn’t see the bear ourselves, but from what the police dog services and the police dog handler was saying, there’s lots of evidence to suggest there was actually a bear that was following this guy and that he did have to climb a tree just to get away from it,” Const. Nancy Saggar told CBC.

Thankfully, he was just bear-ly caught.