6 Halloween costumes inspired by the cottage

Updated: October 29, 2018

man in checked jacket with axe stands in front of a woodpile staring into the distance Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

If you’ve left your Halloween costume planning to the last minute, look no further than the cottage for inspiration.

1. Cottage fisherman = deck shoes + plaid collared shirt + khaki pants or shorts + vest (the more pockets the better, with tackle pinned on) + bucket hat + fishing rod + tackle box or net

2. Lumberjack = toque + beard + checked shirt + jeans + work boots + cardboard axe

3. Cottage mouse = grey clothes + mouse ears + a piece of foam for cheese. If you want to be in a trap, make one from a piece of cardboard painted with a red V and “Victor” and some PVC piping for the snap mechanism.

4. Tom Thomson = toque + checked shirt + pipe + canvas and paintbrush + paddle

5. S’more = two pieces of cardboard + brown shirt + pillow belted on

6. Griller = red jacket + black or red pants + black tape V down the front + white socks + black loafers + top hat + barbecue tongs or spatula + one oven mitt (ideally with sparkles). Don’t forget to practice your moonwalk.


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