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Ontario Flag and Pole was established in 2010 and specializes in Titan Telescoping Flagpoles with a wide range of mounting options as well as standard and custom flags. You can often see Bruce Cook enthusiastically demonstrating the Titan products at the Cottage Life Shows, but this year, you can find the same great tips and advice on flagpole care, maintenance, and etiquette at ontarioflagandpole.com. Titan Telescoping Flagpoles are expertly and intuitively designed to accommodate your flag needs to make flying your flag as easy as possible. The different heights of the Titan flagpole collapse down to 8 feet for easy transportation to your cottage.

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Ontario Flag and Pole supplies the most user-friendly telescoping flagpole in the marketplace today. Made with high-strength aluminum tubes, they feature a lifelong maintenance-free finish with no need to worry about rust or painting. A unique interlocking sleeve raises and lowers the pole sections, providing the ultimate in ease of use. The 20′ and 25′ flagpole come with an amazing 3″ base diameter, which is 30 percent stronger than other telescoping flagpoles. It’s built to withstand winds of 95 mph, and it also has seven times the bearing surface, reducing wobble between the sections. Rest assured that if you purchase a Titan product, you’re buying the best!

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